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If you have any comments or opinions regarding TAIPEI 2023 Organizing Committee’s service, please send them to the Opinion Box. They will be carefully dealt with by the proper department and replied to within 7 days. We hope you make the best of this access; all messages in the Opinion Box will be considered as a benchmark or reference for our future services.

Privacy Policy Statement and Agreement

In order to reply to the comments or opinions of TAIPEI 2023 - 39th Asian International Stamp Exhibition in the Opinion Box, TAIPEI 2023 Organizing Committee (hereafter referred to as the OC) will have to collect, handle, and use your personal information. You are hereby informed of the following information in accordance with the provisions of Article 8 of the Personal Data Protection Act (hereafter referred to as “the Act”). Protections of collected information will be handled in accordance with the Act. To protect your own rights, please carefully read the following:

The purpose of collecting: to reply the comments or opinions of TAIPEI 2023 - 39th Asian International Stamp Exhibition.
Classification of personal information:(C001) Identification of the person’s: name, email address, address, telephone number.
The duration, location, subject, and method:
Duration: 5 years.
Location: the territory of the Republic of China and all international transmittance as permitted by law.
Subject: for the use of the OC ‘s internal use, or provided to the administrative agency of our company as stipulated by law or any other third party.
Method: the OC will collect, process, and use your personal information through digital files or physical paper formats.
The rights and the method the party of interest may exercise: you can bring identification documents to the OC to exercise the rights as according to Article 3 of the Personal Information Protection Act which include 1. To search and peruse; 2. To make copies; 3. To supplement or revise; 4. Request the acts of collecting, processing, or using; 5. To delete. However, as for those required for the purpose required of operation execution, before expiration of certain purpose, or before the deadline date for preservation, deletion will not be permitted.
The impact to the party of interest in the case of refusal: if you cannot or incapable of providing the above personal information to the OC, you will be denied of reply to your question.
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For the same matter that has received repeating mails but without new evidence, we will combine all mails to be treated as the same one case and will not send notification of combining.